The Perfect Burger Recipe

The Perfect Burger Recipe

Every year my family hosts a big Memorial Day BBQ for our friends and family. On the menu are burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, veggies and lots of side salads and condiments. Over the years, I’ve learned to perfect what my friends call “The Naz Burger”.” It’s simple and delicious, and based on the feedback I’ve received on the 700+ burgers (that’s not a typo) I’ve made over the last decade, I think you’ll like them too!

You too can make a  great burger if you cover these basics:
-Good quality meat (I use beef)
-Minimal seasoning
-Properly made patties
-Not messing with the burgers too much
-Right cooking time
-Fun condiments (pickling recipes coming soon!)


7 thoughts on “The Perfect Burger Recipe

  1. Naz makes the absolute perfect burger and she does so with such beauty and grace. I think her big secret is the Worcestershire sauce. ???????

  2. Yes. I love burgers. I’ve never seen anyone press a divot into the center of the burger. It makes sense though because it will take away a reason for people to smash down their burgers and squeeze out the juices.
    Good advice.

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