June in the Garden

June in the Garden

Yesterday was a full day of work in the garden, feeding and pruning the kids. But, it’s all worth the hard work as June is one of the loveliest months in the garden.

The roses are gloriously perfuming the oasis. The hydrangeas are in early stages of color while courting the bumble bees. The marigolds echo the scent of the earth while murmuring the colors of the sun. The day lilies are bursting with gold while flirting with the wind. The regular lilies are starting to grow under the fallen blanket of white dogwood petals which retired in spring. And the herb garden is erupting with aromas of basil, sweet mint and French lavender.  The butterflies are ecstatic and so is this humble gardener. There is something especially satisfying in seeing your hard work literally “bloom” into beauty.

“We bury our seeds and wait,
Winter blocks the road,
Flowers are taken prisoner underground,
But then green justice tenders a spear.”

7 thoughts on “June in the Garden

  1. I am yet to decide which one is more beautiful. Roses and Basils and the beauty of all the breathtaking flowers or your amazingly touching description of the change you made in your life…..Wow you are an incredible being, to say the least. Please keep on being you because you are a huge positive influence on Humanity.

    1. Wow, thank you Helen jan! I’m humbled by your comment, it is incredibly sweet. I’m glad you’re enjoying the content and your support means a great deal.

      Happy summer!

  2. Hi Naz!
    Just love the pics of the gorgeous flowers and enjoyed the steak video too-very informative! Thank you again for including me. Love, Gerry

    1. Thanks so much, Gerry! I’m happy to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying the content. Maybe we can do a video together sometime inspired by “Bonnie & Clyde take I-95!”

      1. Oh yes! Inspired by our trip song, I wrote a parody from Hamilton and now Julian (one of our favorite 10 year olds) is demonstrating amazing talent!! Love to all! Happy July!

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