Make The Best Steak Of Your Life!

Make The Best Steak Of Your Life!

Hi Friends,

I’m excited to introduce the first video of our Basil and Roses YouTube Channel!

I team up with my cousin Kam to make the best steak of your life. Impressive doesn’t have to mean fancy. All you need is great ingredients and technique, fabulous company and wine doesn’t hurt either.

The recipe is below. Check us out and feel free to comment, share, try the recipe and give us feedback.
Happy cooking!




6 thoughts on “Make The Best Steak Of Your Life!

  1. what a wonderful recipe. I am not a steak lover but since I watch this video, I made it and from now on when I go to a restaurant I will have higher expectations!

  2. This is a great video, I really like the chemistry between you two and the recipe was inventive yet simple, will be sure to try asap.

    PS. your cousin is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you, Amnon! Cooking with loved ones can be so much fun!
      Feel free to share how the dish turned out for you. Happy cooking!

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